Does a Viewing or Visitation Make Sense For Your Family?

When planning a funeral, you may come across any number of possibilities. Two of those possibilities include holding either a viewing (also known as a wake) or a visitation. Are these kind of things necessary? Do they make sense for your family? You may wish to know more before making a final decision. If you or someone you know is looking for funeral homes in or near Indianapolis, IN, you should know that professionals in your area are more than happy to discuss things like viewings and visitations. At your convenience, you should feel free to reach out to those professionals and learn more about your options.


At O’Riley - Branson Funeral Service & Crematory, we are always here to help with these kind of things. You can rely on us to make your life a little bit easier during an otherwise difficult time.


Before making a decision about viewings or visitations, you may wish to know a little bit more about what they entail. Often called “wakes,” viewings generally occur prior to the funeral and final disposition. They allow guests to pay their respects more directly and without a more formal service getting in the way. At a viewing, the body of the deceased is present and placed in a casket. That casket may remain open or closed depending upon your wishes. The idea is for those in attendance to enjoy some additional closure and continue the healing process. Many may wish to see the deceased one last time and say a few words. For some families, this is an important tradition. A viewing may be for family alone or potentially open to the public, as well.


Visitations are a bit different. The body of the deceased may not be at the visitation at all. If it is, the casket will be closed. Visitations may also occur before or after the funeral, allowing some additional flexibility in terms of timing. Depending on your family’s needs, that flexibility may make visitations preferable when compared to a viewing. Much like viewings, the point of visitation is to allow those in attendance to say goodbye more directly without having simply been an attendee at a funeral service. That direct interaction can be extremely beneficial for some families.


Viewings and visitations can both be held at a number of locations, generally including funeral homes, a family member’s home, or at a religious place of worship. Whether or not either of these arrangements makes sense for your family may depend on a number of factors, including practical considerations like cost and logistics. That’s perfectly understandable. Neither a viewing nor visitation is mandatory. But they can be very memorable occasions and may be extremely important for some families.


If you or someone you know is interested in funeral homes in the Indianapolis, IN, area, consider reaching out to O’Riley - Branson Funeral Service & Crematory. We are always prepared to work with you when it comes to funeral arrangements, including the possibility of a viewing or visitation. You can visit us at 6107 S East St, Indianapolis, IN 46227 or place a phone call to (317) 787-8224.


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